Ping list of servers 2017 – Copy & Paste

Get quick index! 132 servers are ready for you. All you have to do is to copy and paste this ping list. Why not increase accessibility of web pages?

  • Multilanguage global services supports you to spread your voices.
  • The plugin “WordPress Ping Optimizer” is a better way to set up on WordPress.
  • After ping setting, I recommend you re-checking security settings.

Ping List

The following is a list of 132 ping servers. It’s better to arrange the lists along with your purpose.

How to set up

1. Delete duplicates

If you have been set another list, check duplicated URLs before setting. It causes short time accesses to the ping host servers. It’s not good from the point of view of SEO.

2. Add the ping list


After logging in, go to the menu “Settings – Write Settings – Update Services”. Or I recommend you to use the plugin “WordPress Ping Optimizer”.

WordPress – Multisite

There are some differences between single-site and multisite on WordPress. Considering about managing multi-language sites, it’s better to optimize site by site. So, I recommend you to use the plugin “WordPress Ping Optimizer”. After installing, go to the menu “Settings – WordPress Ping Optimizer”.

3. Check the security settings

Informing your website to a lot of servers makes increase threats of unwanted accesses. Re-check your security settings along with the followings.

  • xml-rpc (Turning OFF is better.)
  • System information on RSS(Cut off unnecessary information.)

In the end

The pinging is an easy and effective setting of SEO. Let’s check it out.